Rachelle Dejean is an IFBB Pro, TEAM Bodybuilding.com Athlete, Competitor and is an NCAA D1 Volleyball Record Holder ❤️ ////

Rachelle found her home in fitness after stepping on stage just one week after graduation and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Marketing.  She was awarded the prestigious IFBB Pro title just 4 months later. Rachelle thrives on the discipline, focus and commitment it requires to merge athleticism and nutrition with fitness! She is no stranger to challenge and sacrifice; she battled against her identical twin sister for a starting spot on the court in college. Now, Rachelle is an LA native, IFBB Professional, Bodybuilding.com TEAM athlete and the author of “Ambitions of an IFBB Pro” E-Book Fitness Competition guide. She lives to share her passions and inspirational fire with others and has been featured as a writer and model in several magazines. Rachelle strives to be an athlete in all aspects of the word–in the office, in the gym, and in life.